Igor Kokcharov Igor Kokcharov, D.Sc., MBA, PMP

Head of Product Development at STS SA, Switzerland

Igor Kokcharov joined STS in 2002 after 15 years of academic career in the Institute of Computational Modeling of the Russian Academy of Sciences where he was the Head of CAD Laboratory and an Associate Professor at the Siberian Aerospace Academy. He received Candidate of Sciences diploma from Moscow Aviation Technology Institute, Doctor of Sciences diploma from Krasnoyrsk Polytechnical University, and Executive MBA diploma from the University of Lausanne. His research was devoted to failure analysis, fracture mechanics, composite materials , and microrobots with elastic joints. Igor has twenty five years of professional experience as a project manager in applied research and software development. He is currently working on a project management simulator Simultrain , collaborative elearning platform PM Teamwork with business case studies for project managers, and a collection of interactive math problems A+ Click.

Recent publication:

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Igor Kokcharov